Car insurance rates increase at Harvey

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Harvey has up to 500,000 underwater vehicles

Conroe Ariel and Stephen Darbonne were lucky that their cars were still dry, so the last application of Travelers Insurance was surprised.
“We find a letter in which our insurance rates have increased,” said Stephen Darbonne.
So they asked the travelers and told the agent.
“It begins quickly:” Ariel Darbonne has an 8% increase in all directions, “said Hurricane Harvey, not everyone in Houston. It’s like a blow to everyone. ”
Travelers do not confirm an increase of 8 percent, but the application is issued:
“Losses from a storm affect insurance premiums, costs are based on various factors, including the specific risks they have committed, and the restrictions that you must buy.” Trends in such road users, more expensive technology is also a new value for the car and health, which can also be noted at prices so that consumers can shop at the best price and receive a discount on safe driving, good grades, ownership of the property and a hybrid of cars and electricity ” .
Jerry Hagins is a representative of Texas Treasury, an insurance regulatory agency in Texas, said that Houston citizens are likely to see growth in premiums.
“Baseake Insurance’s interest rates for losses are almost a year, and then they are average watches,” Hagins said. “Hurricane Harvey has added a flood in the Houston area, and insurance companies are blaming a lot.”
The main factor that increases the overall growth rate is the cost of medical equipment, vehicles, as well as the costs of Fender Bender and natural disasters.
Drivers can be reminded of statements made in the coming months, because, as Darbonnes learned, there have been fundamental changes not only to the victims of the arrival of Harton in Rontokan.
“We are buying,” said Stephen Darbonne. “We think that this is not true.”
Hagin agrees that comparing prices is exactly what they should do.
“Just as the company raises the price, it means that everything should be thrown out,” he said.

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